FAQ: LPFM Enforcement & Interference

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FAQ: How close can a FM translator move towards an LPFM station? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Are translators required to protect LPFM stations? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Can a translator make a "major" channel change for displacement if the station causing the "displacement" is an LPFM station? 11/14/2020
FAQ: Can a full-service broadcast station rebroadcast an LPFM station? 03/19/2020
FAQ: What is a U/D Ratio? 05/02/2019
FAQ: During a government shutdown, can a station use obscenity on the air or operate out of tolerance since the FCC is not currently working? 01/10/2019
FAQ: Is vandalizing an LPFM (or other non-commercial) station considered a federal offense? 01/25/2018
FAQ: Why am I suddenly hearing another station from out of town on my channel? 03/21/2017
FAQ: If an LPFM can't be placed at a location, does that mean a translator can't go there either? 02/04/2016
FAQ: Are full power stations running hybrid HD Radio (IBOC) afforded any additional protections above and beyond the current analog protections? 05/25/2015
FAQ: My proposed LPFM station is spaced 69 km from a Class-A FM station on co-channel. The Class-A station has filed an objection showing overlap. I'm in the foothills. Is my application doomed? 05/14/2015
FAQ: I have been granted a construction permit but there is a pirate station on my channel, what should I do? 05/14/2015
FAQ: I am getting interference because of another LPFM station or a translator that is operating unauthorized power or an illegal antenna. How do I report this? 05/14/2015
FAQ: How do you report a violation of a non-technical rule by another station? 05/14/2015
FAQ: Two LPFM stations are spaced precisely 24 km apart, is interference between the stations still possible? 05/14/2015