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For general LPFM availability for a new station, please use the REC PREMIS Tool.

myLPFM is currently only for existing LPFM stations. We will add some search functionality for new stations as we get closer to a filing window. For now, please use the PREMIS tool for a summary overview.

LP-250 Upgrade Potential - for comments in MB Docket 19-193

Keep LPFM at current location

Check for minor power increase eligibility

Some LPFM stations may be short-changed on their ERP. Running this will check two different FCC recognized terrain databases to see if it may be possible to slightly increase your ERP.

Change channel only-same location

If the LPFM station is currently experiencing interference, use this to see if any alternate channels may be available at the same location.

Move LPFM to different location

Fill out only ONE the following section only if moving transmitter to a different address/location:

by address, city, ZIP code

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or Existing FM or registered tower

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